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So you want to make six figures as a freelance health & medical writer. But is that an achievable goal, or are you dreaming? Let's take a look.

Freelancing versus staff employment - what's best for you? via Madame Noire

5 questions to consider before becoming a freelance medical writer

Thinking about a career as a freelance medical writer? Here's some advice to help you decide whether writing about medicine is the right career for you.

There are two ways to get work as a health & medical writer: Apply for employed jobs, or go freelance. And regardless of which option you’re interested in, there’s plenty of information here to help. On this page, you’ll find information about CVs, finding paid jobs, getting employed, freelance life, setting rates, career goals, and more. …

Finding health writing work and freelancing - Health Writer Hub

If you want to become a freelance health writer, it's important to know where you're going before you get started.

5 essential things to do before you start freelancing - Health Writer Hub

What traits make a freelance writer worthy? Check out these 8 desirable traits of the average freelance writer. Does your personality fit in?

Here are a few of the struggles of working from the road - and what you can do about them.

Become a Freelance Writer with 9 Free Courses-No Experience Needed These courses look amazing! Perfect for starting freelance writing from SCRATCH! Check them out!

9 Free Courses to Make You a Freelance Writer (With No Experience

Discover what life as a freelance health & medical writer is really all about. Browse all our posts related to freelance writing here.

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Freelance health writers: Clients and writing opportunities

Read about clients and project opportunities for freelance health writers. The variety may surprise you.

Great ways freelance writers can work with non-profits

9 Ways Freelance Writers Can Work With Non-Profits

If you’re new to freelancing or have just begun your journey, you may still be wondering who your clients actually are.Before I began my career, I assumed a freelance health writer’s clients were only magazines and newspapers. How wrong I was!While getting articles published in magazines and newspapers is a great notch on your belt, this practice alone won’t sustain your freelance health writing business.Even the pitching process of magazine writing is time-intensive, stressful and laboriou

Freelance health writers: Clients and writing opportunities