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Realistic 3D Paintings - The Meta Picture

Realistic 3D Paintings

Singaporean artist Keng Lye makes animals with alternating layer of acrylic paint and resin.or they are real animals that meet their untimely death in a pool of resin.

100% true animal facts

100% true animal facts

Funny pictures about Dumb Animal Facts. Oh, and cool pics about Dumb Animal Facts. Also, Dumb Animal Facts photos.

hrmm.. do any of these relate to today?

'Vintage' tips for women

I guess my husband didn't know the rules because I broke a lot of them and he still married me :^) 1938 Dating Guide For Single Women -- don't sit in awkward positions, consider wearing a brassiere, etc.

The last pic he's challenging you to say something bad haha

Strange habit

Maizie does this too. Its kind of like sucking your thumb if you are a human. Its for a sense of security

Must put this on the copier in the new bldg next time it blows up

funny signs billboards maintenance man hey girl ryan gosling this copier like me is too hot

Pizza Hut Printers

Pizza Hut Printers

lolz online - Wonderful Words With No English Equivalent