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This lazy deuce is printed on blue end paper. I can't imagine finding a much nicer note for the grade. Worthy of a premium bid.

This is obviously a banker trophy from many generations ago. It has a trifold, which does nothing to take away from the serial #1 appeal.

This is a lovely choice note that has paper as strong as you will ever see on a VF national from this time period. A great note for the type or OH collector.

This is another new to the census IL find. It becomes one of just 7 large notes on this bank located in Vermilion County.

This is from the first sheet of type 2 $10 notes. Less than ten smalls exist and this might be the nicest of the group.

New York, NY - Ch. 1461 - $5 1882 Brown Back This is a nice brown back that works perfectly for the type. It has good margins, strong paper, and dark signatures. You can get all of that without spending thousands of dollars.

This is a tougher SD small. Only about ten are recorded in the census. This example might actually be nicer than VG.

I can't find anything not to like about this early first charter ace. The signatures are about as well-penned as you could hope for.

Longton, KS - Ch. 8525 - $10 1902 Red Seal The term "miracle of survival" gets kicked around a lot and is sometimes overused. However, it applies here. This bank issued 250 sheets of red seals and just 11 sheets of blue seals before shutting down shop in the summer of 1909. That's a total of only 1,044 notes, all issued more than a century ago. Not surprisingly, before this discovery, there were exactly zero survivors reported for the bank. The condition obviously is not ideal.

Spring Valley, MN - Ch. 6316 - $20 1902 Blue Seal Blue pen signatures are the highlight on this $20 blue seal from Spring Valley. Just eight other large notes are reported for the bank. Our estimate seems very low considering the Kelly premium in fine is $1,500.