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This lazy deuce is printed on blue end paper. I can't imagine finding a much nicer note for the grade. Worthy of a premium bid.

I can't imagine being able to find a prettier $20 blue seal with such delicate signatures. Perfect for the type or PA collector.

This note has a lot going for it. It is one of just three notes known for the bank. We have a feeling this will go into hiding for a long time after it sells tonight.

This might be the only first charter note known on this Clinton County bank. The back has a contemporary inscription.

This is a lovely choice note that has paper as strong as you will ever see on a VF national from this time period. A great note for the type or OH collector.

This is another new to the census IL find. It becomes one of just 7 large notes on this bank located in Vermilion County.

This is obviously a banker trophy from many generations ago. It has a trifold, which does nothing to take away from the serial #1 appeal.

East Chicago, IN - Ch. 12058 - 1902 $5 Plain Back While circulated, this blue seal has a lot going for it. It is from a forbidden title and it has an exceptionally long title block.

Volga, SD - Ch. 6099 - $5 1902 Blue Seal This is the only national bank ever located in Volga, South Dakota. This charter also happens to be the last bank in the country to open as a second charter bank. So if you are into firsts and lasts, then this might be an interesting addition to your collection. The note itself happens to be very rare without any special qualifiers. Just four large are known and this is the highest grade of that group.

Albuquerque, NM - Ch. 7186 - $10 1902 Blue Seal This ten dollar note is cut tight up top, but the purple stamped signatures always work well on blue seals. The back shows a little more wear. If you need a blue seal example for the state then this would be a great option.