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1917 Milburn Light Electric Model 27 Brougham

Milburn Light Electric car. Electric cars were actually quite popular around the turn of the century. Gasoline cars were loud, stank of fuel, and had crank starters that could break a driver’s wrist. That’s what made electric cars appealing. The Milburn, built from 1914 to 1923 in Toledo, Ohio, is typical of these early electrics. Milburn’s range was estimated at 60 to 75 miles per charge, which is fairly close to what modern EVs can achieve. However, top speed was limited to 20 mph.

1922 Milburn Electric Light Brougham - The Milburn Wagon Company was incorporated in 1869 and In 1875 moved to Toledo Ohio. In 1910 they started building Automobile bodies for Ohio Electric cars. In 1915 Milburn built an electric automobile of his own and the company lasted until 1923 when the plant was purchased by General Motors. Though Milburn got a late start in the electric car business they were still preferred by many women over gasoline cars. President Wilson had one too!

1921 Milburn Electric Car.

1918 Milburn Light Electric Model 27L