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Farm BINGO- Freebie!

To develop skills necessary for a smooth kindergarten transition. Given a BINGO board SWBAT identify objects and animals that belong on a farm. Given a BINGO board SWBAT match a word to its correlating picture.

These vintage style farm animals on wheels from Antique Farmhouse would be the perfect addition to my son's farmhouse nursery! #affiliate

Our farm animals on wheels are distressed to perfection, they can easily pass for a real vintage find. For morecountry decorating ideas visit Antique Farmhouse.

Russian photographer and doting mother Elena Shumilova is celebrated for her sentimental snapshots of her animal-loving sons. Her heartwarming work first saw success when photos exploring the bond between her children and their pets—including cuddly dogs and cats and equally-loved farm animals—went viral in 2014. Now, two years later, Shumilova continues to awe her audiences with her tender photographs of children—but no longer just her own. Featuring boys and girls of all ages, her recent…

Sentimental Photos Explore the Touching Relationship Between Children and Their Animal Friends

* * GOAT: " Yoose guys, kin me join yer click?" RABBIT: " Sorry, we don'ts do computers."

30 Of The Happiest Facts Ever

Such an Easter photo! Jesus is the lamb and bunnies and chicks --- somehow associated with Easter. Do not buy for kids though. And ADOPT!