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Similar to wt Niall from 1D said Only difference was He was asked wt would u have if some asked u for some chocolates out if ur 10 chocolates He said 10 He was asked...ok...so wt if they took it forcefully He said 10 chocolates nd a dead body XD

Can I Kiss You? | Consent | This is So Important! Consent should be a compulsory subject at school. | I'll always remember this guy I was naked in bed with, both having consented to sex, we were kissing & touching then he ASKED if he could go down on me. He continued to check for consent for each 'act' to make sure I was comfortable with everything. Not only was it the most clear respect I'd had from a lover (at the time) but it was really sexy him asking! Don't be embarrassed to ask, say…

its true, I thought Olaf was going to be stupid before I saw the movie and he was the best character ever xD and Hans? I thought he was going to be evil anyway. lolz

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