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Oh. My. Gosh. MPHF <3333

5 Seconds Of Summer Luke Hemmings Visits The Elvis Duran Morning Show


OMG <<< Now Luke chokes on coffee instead of cereal xD<< im sorry but ashtons not gay and lukes reaction is priceless!<< wouldntReallyMatterIfHeWasGay never ceases to make me laugh

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Ashton Irwine<<<< Who ever spelled it like this is an idiot ^^thank you for this person haha

lucas you are an adorable human <3 "Best GIF of all time" <3 Luke Hemmings <3 5 Seconds Of Summer 5SOS

lucas you are an adorable human "Best GIF of all time" Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds Of Summer just wanna hug this beautiful boy

Luke Hemmings xoxoxo

Wow Luke do you like killing your fans because I almost died like 200 times today

Omg…*starts yell as loud as I can* WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO I CANT TAKE YOUR CUTENESS/HOTNESS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't fucking breathe! Someone please call Call Luke Hemmings to resuscitate me!

0 to 100 real quick

((Open RP be Luke?)) I walk in with Niall, the dude is like my best friend. "Hi Luke," I smile. "Hey," he mumbles. "Whats wrong?" He snaps. I start panicking and run to the bathroom. ((My name is Brooke))

I got: Luke Hemmings!!

This is what I look like when I make a sarcastic comment but my mum tells me to be quiet

SORRY but if you wanna talk message me it won't let me comment!!! Plz im sooo bored

Not risking this! I know you guys hate chain mail, but I am NOT risking this!

Ashton Irwin is one of few human beings that I call perfect

Ashton ❤️ don't hate on Ash like seriously he so sweet so nice and every one in the fam loves him so STOP even if his not your fav we still love him and he don't need the hate cause he's wonderful and he loves us so people need to stop! I love you Ashton.

And I'm like dead<<<and then I'm like x_x

sorry I have to go to the hospital from all the emotional damage this boy causes me.