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half doors | installed a half door to isolate our dog from the laminate flooring ...

Half door for my steps. Keep the dogs downstairs. So much nicer than a baby gate.

A drive through the English countryside reveals quaint cottages and charming farmhouses tucked into rolling hills and green valleys. Inside, these historic spaces master the mix of rustic and refined with a dash of flair (think: a 200-year-old antique against an aged brick wall, or a polished pair of candlesticks on a weathered wood table). But you don’t have to …

16 Ways To Bring The English Countryside Home

A half-door leading into the dog room-mudroom keeps the owners' furry friends in place, without them being entirely closed off. The room also leads outside to the pool area and a big outdoor dog area.

I've always dreamed of having one of these doors...

The Kitchen Update

Neat floor and door. The addition has a separate entry with stairs to the second-floor family room. Built-in cabinets and drawers under the stairs provide space for storage and house a sound system. Shiplap siding and a brick floor keep the space casual.

How to make a Dutch door at the bottom of the stairs, half doors around the house homemade baby gate.

How to Convert a Solid Door to a Dutch Door

Dutch doors resemble a standard door that has been cut in half, resulting in a top and bottom leaf that may swing independently of each other. Traditional Dutch doors originated in the Netherlands .

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Southern Living Magazine, 2002 Coastal Living Cottage of the Year, House Plan Moser Design, Red Door Model, Master Suite toward its porch

A porch swing? A loyal dog? A sentimental family heirloom? We recently asked our Facebook fans to share what's essential. Here are some of our favorite responses.

25 Things Every Country Home Needs

A pinch of patience, a dash of kindness. A spoonful of laughter, a heap of love. cute quote for the kitchen -- See even more great recipes and sales on kitchen appliances at

Recipe for life: A pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoonful of laughter, a heap of love. What a beautiful quote for the kitchen.