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All you SRK fans, we bet you think there's nothing we could possibly tell you about your favourite Khan that you don't already know. Well, as Shah Rukh Khan adds another candle to his cake, we decide to accept your challenge. Take a look at 10 facts about the superstar that will leave you surprised. Image courtesy: Reuters Don't Miss: Celebrities with Matronymic Surnames

Sonakshi Sinha has one Khan - Salman (Dabangg) Khan - on her side most often. But Salman’s bête noire Shah Rukh Khan and she are star-crossed. A trade source made an interesting observation on how SRK and Sona are getting ready for their second face-off at the box office.

Did you know that 1,80,000 litres of water were used for a 20-second scene in Dabangg? So, don’t blame the weather man if there is a water-cut because the culprits are right here in Bollywood. Check out the number of water tankers used by Bollywood in any given water-scene

She was in love with Hrishant Goswami. But the man she got intimate with was Ashmit Patel. She played games, "backbit" and indulged in gossip during her stay in Bigg Boss’ house. But while this is all seemingly harmless in India, in Pakistan it’s considered debauchery. But is she really as immoral as the Muslim clergy claim she is?

There’s no denying that friendship in tinsel town is superficial. One day they’re best buddies and the next day they don't see eye to eye. Nevertheless, check out who’s currently hanging out with whom and who is whose best friend.

We all have our favourite on-screen couples who we love to see on the big screen time after time. But there are a few duos who we can bet our asses would be awesome together. Sadly, they refuse to work with each other; we wonder why. Despite being successful and almost perfect together, we are yet to hear about a movie that casts them together. Check out our list of 10 Bollywood celebrities who are yet to appear together on the big screen. Image courtesy: Reuters/BCCL Don't Miss: 10 ...

Once upon a time, kissing was considered a taboo in Bollywood, but nowadays every actor and actress is competing with the other to lock lips with their co-stars. SRK broke his 'No Kissing' rule and kissed Katrina Kaif in Jab Tak Hain Jaan and Alia Bhatt who has done a handful of movies has kissed in every movie till date. Well, let's have a look the longest celebrity kisses ever, shall we?Don't Miss! Bollywood's Best Kissers

Most women are terrified of being hurt by a man who is a womaniser. Well ladies, here are some signs that you can look for to know whether your man is a womaniser or not.

Shah Rukh Khan, who is currently shooting for Happy New Year, injured himself during the shoot and was rushed to Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital. The mishap occurred at Mumbai’s 5-star hotel J.W. Marriott.According to the tweets from people on the scene, a hotel door crashed on the actor during the shoot, injuring him badly. Despite the bleeding, the actor refused to go to a hospital and wanted to continue with the shoot. Brave fellow, don't you think? Well, he later relented and agreed to be t…