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Thats right

As funny as this is, it also speaks huge truth to our lives. When we give our problems over to our Higher Power, we release ourselves from the binds of control and stress. Worrying doesn't change a damn thing- let go!


Thunder Buddies for life. you thunder! you can suck my dick! you cant hurt me cause your just gods farts! YOU THUNDER! YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK! and then this happened Ted thunder awes


I love always being loved. I love always having a place to turn. I love always being accepted. I love being seen as beautiful everyday. I love God.

He hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.

that one rule God is the best listener; you don't need to shout or cry out loud because He hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.

Bible verses for the broken Heart!!

Bible verses for a broken heart. This is wonderful inspiration and encouragement for any broken heart! We are sooo blessed !

yes,yes,yes...but for the grace of my Father.

God is the reason for my life. I love God. He is the reason that I have hope.

Let Go and Let God (brilliant poster)

LET GO[D] - letters in black except for the D, do in white ink with shading - for wrist as a daily reminder

1 Samuel 16:7b  --  "for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart."

What God knows about me is infinitely more important than what others think about me - Matthew Answer to God, not Man.

This. This week has been about a hundred tests of faith and still that anchor holds. He knows His sheep and His sheep know their Shepard. Once you are His you know nothing else could take his place in your heart.

Redeemer = my heart. whether your anchors are people, places, ideas, or truths. take them out and weigh them every once in awhile. you'll be surprised to find that you are always growing and shifting and changing. be true to who you are becoming.

When you've done everything you can do, that's when God will step in and do what you can't do.

Catching Up With Mary Mary: Tina, Erica Campbell

What is Your Signature Sin? + Book Giveaway ~ Sarah Koontz

What is Your Signature Sin

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Your world is a reflection of your thoughts.  Have you mastered your thoughts?

What We Imagine We Create

Your world is a reflection of your thoughts. Have you mastered your thoughts?


i can rest in the fact that god is in control. which means I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control.