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pvffskein: Dark witch aesthetics - Hufflepuff

If I had to describe my aesthetic in one phrase, it would probably be "Hufflepuff Gothic"

pvffskein:  dark witch aesthetics | Gryffindor

Dark with accents of red.red was a color that came up on some of our space compositions

Enchanted Forest Witch aesthetic -  skogsrån

skcgsra: “enchanted forest witch aesthetic (requested) more here // request here ”

pvffskein:  Dark witch aesthetics - Ravenclaw

pvffskein: Dark witch aesthetics - Ravenclaw<<<just cuz it's blue doesn't mean it's ravenclaw plus it looks pretty slytherin

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Art witch, requested by @peace-witch

I'm an art witch lol 😝I think I get put in so many types of witches so I'm moor of a electric witch

Victorian witch aesthetic, requested by anon

We watched as she worked, chanting in demon languages. The room grew cold and mist clouded our vision. I almost lost him even though he was at my side, I caught his hand just in time. He pulled me close and then she spoke.