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Superfoods are nutritional powerhouses that are worthy of a place in your daily diet. These are foods that are packed with nutrients and able to improve your health, energy, and diet. From the high antioxidant levels in acai berries to anti-aging effects of goji berries, and everything in between, these superfoods will have you feeling and looking your best. And, every one of them can be used in your next smoothie, juice or bowl of fruits!

A 24-Hour Drink Menu for the Prettiest Skin of Your Life

For many people, their feelings of self worth are often directly tied to their looks. The more beautiful and confident you appear, the more positive a response you will elicit from others. This article will help you reveal the real you. TIP! Prior to...

How To Get Better Skin & Hair Overnight With 9 Expert Tricks

Discover Perfect Skin with Rawberries | Click through to learn more about how you can add nutrition to your water to improve your skin >>> | @HAK

10 Overnight Beauty Tips

In today’s post, I’m sharing some overnight beauty tips. These simple tips will give you flawless skin, brighter eyes, softer hair and lots more! For those who are always on the go, following these tips is a great way to save time. We sleep for eight hours a day, so we might as well put those hours to good use! Here are 10 overnight beauty tips and tricks that will improve

15 Skin Care Tips and Tricks You Didn't Know You Had To Follow

Understanding Your Skin Type infograph | 15 Skin Care Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know You Had To Follow --

A comprehensive guide to improving your skin while dispelling a few skincare myths along the way. | Mary Kay

How To Care For Different Skin Types #infographic

A comprehensive guide to improving your skin while dispelling a few skincare myths along the way. | Mary Kay

10 Makeup Dupe Hacks That Will Save You a Lot of Money

These 10 Makeup Dupe Hacks have saved me SO MUCH MONEY! I use makeup regularly so this post is THE BEST! So HAPPY I found this!

65 Beauty Products That Give You Instant Results

"You know those people who just waltz around day after day looking like they took a big ol' gulp of sunshine? Yeah, this stuff makes your skin look like that in seconds. I swipe it along my cheekbones, down my nose, on my Cupid's bow, and on my eyelids every morning, and it makes me look glowy — no matter how sinful the night before was." — Maria Del Russo, beauty writer