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Who else is so ready for summer???? We've been having great, warm weather here in Michigan, so as a teacher, I'm now craving more of it!! #fitsummer #readyforfun #familytime #faithfulfitness

Life has a funny way of throwing is curve balls! But that doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams/goals/aspirations! You just have to go about it in a different way! #dontgiveup #planBCD... #faithfulfitness

Slept in this morning and kind of wanted a lazy day. But my goals are bigger than just one day, so I pushed myself and got my workout in. This might be you everyday. But if you stick with it and start feeling and seeing results, it won't be so hard to get going and get it done! #youarestrongerthanyouthink #faithfulfitness

How you take care of it is up to you! #onelife #onechance #butatleasthavefun #faithfulfitness

What if? What if you do one more rep, one more step, one more mile? What if you lift a little heavier, sweat a little longer, push a little harder? I can guarantee you will be so proud of yourself! #faithfulfitness #pushharder #doitforyou

Want a different tomorrow? Then something has to change. You cannot have a different tomorrow unless you push yourself harder than you did yesterday! A little harder, everyday. #moreeveryday #faithfulfitness #newtomorrow

Regret what you ate, or your lifestyle? Don't workout to punish yourself. Workout because you love your body and want it to function the best it can. Punishing yourself will never be motivating enough for you to make real change. Loving your body will get you up in the morning and have you making time to treat it right. No matter what condition you are in, you really can love your body! #loveyourbody #faithfulfitness #donotpunishyourself

Love yourself enough to make healthy choices. Every bite. Every move. Every choice. Love yourself so much that taking care of yourself matters more than anything else. Then you can take care of everyone else. #loveyourself #faithfulfitness

Do you let the negative thoughts creep in and take over? I can't tell you how many times I let something negative that someone said or did ruin my day. It's not about me-it's about them! Or, I let something I don't like about myself over shadow what's great!