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Who else is so ready for summer???? We've been having great, warm weather here in Michigan, so as a teacher, I'm now craving more of it!! #fitsummer #readyforfun #familytime #faithfulfitness

My husband and I say this all the time. "I run, workout, exercise, eat healthy, etc, BECAUSE I CAN". You can too. Stop telling yourself a million reasons why you can't do something and just start. You might surprise yourself at what you really can do! #youcandoit #juststart #faithfulfitness

Making getting healthy a lifestyle instead of a duty frees yourself from the requirements and makes it a choice! #makeitalifestyle #healthy #fitness #changeyourlife #dowhatyoulove #faithfulfitness #strongereveryday

Crossfit for Dummies via @winetoweights What is a WOD? What does RX or AMRAP mean? What is EMOM? Different Crossfit terms can be confusing! Read to find out what all of it means! For more #Crossfit posts, check out

So you always do the same workout, or do you mix it up? If you have hit a plateau, you should mix it up and keep your body guessing! If I follow a workout program, I make sure it's one that mixies it up from day to day. Right now, I'm running and doing 22 Minute Hard Corps. I love the results in seeing from doing so much cardio! But, I make sure to do weight training too. So, don't forget to mix it up! You'll see better results! #mixitup #faithfulfitness #getresults #strongereveryday

My husband and I have been together for 26 years. In all that time, I've always exercised. He's always been built tall and thin, and could eat whatever he wanted! But this year, he decided to join me. Wow! I am seeing some great transformations! Whether you are a lifelong fitness junkie, or a newbie-it's never too late to make and see changes in your health! #itsnevertoolatetostart #getresukts #strongereveryday #faithfulfitness #doingthistogether

What's fit? Really, fit is when you have the energy to do what you want to do. To keep up with your kids, job, life! It doesn't look the same for any two people. It doesn't have to mean skinny. It doesn't have to mean muscular. It doesn't have to be a certain clothes size. Fit is feeling good and taking care of yourself. What is "fit" for you? #strongereveryday #faithfulfitness

Your core is the essence of your strength! You can work your arms and legs all you want, but your core is more important to total body strength. Try this: 1 minute forearm plank 30 seconds left side plank 30 seconds right arm plank Repeat 2 or 3 times! #strongereveryday #getresults #faithfulfitness

Truth! If you have one good day, you're likely to have more! Keep strong! Remember your goals! You'll be building more than just you real muscles!

Looking like a hot mess after my workout! It's one of my favorite looks! Making it a priority because it's important to me. What is the one thing that you make it a priority to do every day? #makeitapriority #workoutdone #weightloss #fitness