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US Capital, Washington, DC

Capitol Hill... Washington DC

Only when you traverse the American West will you begin to grasp just how big - and rich in natural beauty - this nation is.

from Sunny in London

Places to Eat in London- All You Can Eat on One Street

Visiting London and need to know where to find the Best Places to Eat in London? This is a guide to finding everything on one street to satisfy any appetite. Plus it includes tips for visiting London pubs from an American expat living in London married to a British man.

Rupicola Guianan cock-of-the-rock This may be the weirdest looking bird I've seen yet !

that moment when u see your one of ur favourite bands wearing another one of ur favourite band's merch XD wow!

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7 Awesome Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

7 AWESOME THINGS TO DO IN RIO DE JANEIRO. #RioDeJaneiro or the #CidadeMarvilhosa to its local inhabitants, is a South American super-city of more than 14 million people, is a city of flair, style, history, culture, extravagance and elegance, all woven together with an inherent vibrancy and sensuality that can be felt nowhere else. It's a city where everything blends into everything else, the old and the new, the fast and the slow, the rich and the poor. #ThingsToDo #Brazil…

from The Globetrotting Teacher

Everything You Need to Know for Your First Visit to New York City

Written by a local New Yorker, this is a complete NYC guide! Everything You Need to Know for your first visit to New York City.