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El cómic Flush traducido por Homestuck Legion :’D créditos al artista

Levi Rivaille D-Did he just become even more beautiful? I think he may have. (I could die he is so beautiful! ) ;-;

*supernatural gif*- "it's because we have no other choice"

Hahahahaha!! I throw my hands up in the air sometimes! Singing hey oh, I love Dracoooo!! We should celebrate our love tonight!! Screaming OHHH HARDER DRACO!! yea we rock the bed! We gone go all night! Harry got pregnant! Draco's dinamite!!

She just went ahead and threw him under the bus without a moments hesitation

Through the years - hetalia-fruk Fan Art not a FrUk fan but this is pretty cool

ZnT | Zankyou no Terror | Terror in Resonance | Twelve | Shinichiro Watanabe | Anime | Fanart | SailorMeowMeow

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Talking Heads Bumper Sticker Set

Talking Heads inspired Bumper Stickers!

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小紅帽 🎃 littlereddo on

I have really taking a liking to Coach Ukai over the course of this series, I wish he had a bit more screentime...haikyuu!!