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French evening dress ~ by Worth ~ 1928

Worth Dress - - by Charles Frederick Worth (English, - Chiffon and sequins - Victora and Albert Museum - Mlle. Umm Charles couldn't have done this gown, he was dead over 20 years lol must be the House of Worth did it.

1890's dress

If I ever create a outfit, this is what I'd use as my inspiration. Blue Cotton Walking Suit Of Jacket And Skirt With Detail Of Venetian Point Lace And Glass Beads - ANTIcostume Not actually vintage.

Callot Soeurs - c. 1926 - Silk, silk and metallic lace, and imitation pearls and opals - Irises and water avens adorn this elegant dress - Indianapolis Museum of Art

Callot Soeurs Dress - ca 1926 - by Callot Soeurs, Paris - Silk, silk & metallic lace, & imitation pearls & opals - Irises & water avens adorn this elegant dress - Indianapolis Museum of Art (jewelry inspiration).

Beautiful dress

Wouldn't this vintage dress be gorgeous as a Wedding Gown.Merle Oberan wore this gorgeous champagne-colored empire gown in the 1954 movie, DESIREE

1880's Court Dress  Ivory  and pink satin with embroidered flowers

Court dress, From the National Historical Museum. I would so wear this to a costume ball. if only I ever had a costume ball to go to.

Classic Chanel. A little black dress is a must in every girl's closet.

Vintage Fashion Chanel dress - c. 1957 - House of Chanel (French, founded - Design by Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel (French, - Silk - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Mlle

Empress Josephine's court dress, 1800's

I love watching period dramas. One of the reasons are the clothes. I love and century clothing. Clothing of the regency period is my favorite. The regency period lasted from 1795 to Women’s clothing during this time.

Jose De Canha Couture: 5 coisas que você deve saber sobre Charles Frederick Worth

Oak leaf dress by House of Worth, copyright of the Fashion Museum in Bath and the NE Somerset Council. The oak leaf dress was created in 1903

Miraculous gown. I do not know the source.

Ballgown created by Linda Leyendecker Gutierrez and Niti Volpe for the Society of Martha Washington Colonial Pageant and Ball in Laredo, TX. Mislabeled as century ballgowns".

Tea gown - Tea gown Design House: House of Worth (French, 1858–1956) Designer: Attributed to Jean-Philippe Worth (French, 1856–1926) Designer: Attributed to Jean-Charles Worth (French, 1881–1962) Date: ca. 1910 Culture: French Medium: silk, rhinestones, metal Dimensions: Length at CB: 68 in. (172.7 cm) Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, 2009; Gift of Mrs. Paul Pennoyer, 1965 by Wirth, L

Dress (Tea Gown) House of Worth (French, Designer: Attributed to Jean-Philippe Worth (French, Designer: Attributed to Jean-Charles Worth (French, Date: ca.

Ball Gown, House of Worth 1885, French, Made of silk

Ball Gown, House of Worth 1885 [probably wrongly dated - this definitively looks like the early French, Made of silk