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Wanting the window seat - ALWAYS! Never rode a plane but I still want window seat everywhere else.

Snorkeling in Flamenco Beach on the Island of Culebra in Puerto Rico - one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world!

Pink sand beaches, crystal clear waters, powder fine sand and no crowds! This place is paradise!

Uncle Jesse...Full House

John Stamos as Uncle Jesse on Full House. You know he was the main reason why you watch that show

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"being yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be" = perfect quote on mirror in girl's room

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Never wished i were famous, never wear perfume, romantic movie: pah who cares, i hate dressing up, if i do dress up it will be in hunting gear

Just Girly Things

Would love to have an apartment with my best friend. Nothing better then sharing a home together with my best friend. except movies and late night snacks which I could share with my best friend which in turn would make this idea the thing in the world

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When boys are like a brother to me <- if a boy honestly acted like a true brother they wouldn't be holding your hand with their arm wrapped around you. My brother would never do something like that. And even if he did I would be a little weirded out.