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Letting go so I can be free--holding onto toxic friendships is like holding this balloon--the only way to be free of it is to just let it go.

Proverbsway. Love is..

By Proverbsway. Love LISTEN without interrupting. (Proverbs SPEAK without accusing. (James GIVE without sparing. (Proverbs PRAY without ceasing. (Colossians ANSWER without arguing. (Proverbs SHARE without

Be careful who you choose to be friends with..

So true. Word to the wise. If a person talked about u before she ll do it again. Some people are just not meant to get along. She acts like ur friend but her mouth says the other

Re-set, re-adjust, re-start, re-focus. As many times as you need to.❤ Forward motion isn't flawless, sometimes there are bumps along the way.

Lord satisfy me like I've never known, give me a heart that is so on fire for you and feed that craving. I'm tired of turning to the world when all I get is a bigger gaping hole. I need you Lord Jesus Christ. Satisfy me I pray. Amen

He designed it that way, so we'd crave him and love him as much as he loves us, only we try to fill that God-shaped hole in our heart with everything else. But "everything else" is never enough.Jehovah our Creator