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Female cow Manatee with many male suitors #beaches #beautiful #beachlife #beach #naturelovers #seascape #beachtime #lovefl #life #florida


Florida's friendly manatees photographed by Alexander Mustard

I love these guys, hope to see some in Tortuguero next year


Pictures of the day: 17 August 2011

Lion Cameron and white tiger Zabu play together at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. A meeting between the two predators would have been impossible in the wild as they hail from different continents. The feline duo - aptly nicknamed The Odd Couple by their caretakers at Big Cat Rescue in Florida - were rescued from a roadside zoo around eight years ago.

from Mail Online

By Shari Miller

Photographer captures rare 'fire rainbow cloud' above Florida as Mother Nature puts on spectacular light show Ken Rotberg spotted unusual phenomenon as sun dropped behind a storm cloud in the early evening Rare sight also known as a 'circumhorizon arc'

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Pictured: The world's first bionic sea creature: Winter the dolphin gets a prosthetic tail

Winter was a wild dolphin until she was caught in a crab net and had to have her…

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Color Escape

We at ColourtechWA believe that inspiration in your home can come from the simplest of things - Colour schemes are everywhere!--- with a little bit of coral and white too

I've been dying to go on a hike lately. Maybe when the Florida weather gets a little cooler? #hiking #nature

Cougar, Mountain Lion, Panther, Puma..............all the same animal. The difference is who named them, either Indians, 1st Explorers, etc..

Replace the words " a good book" with "a good man", and I'm in! More

Manus Island Tree Snail shells