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Solid Granny Square Bag. Love the contrasting handles and seams.

Solid Granny Square Bag - I’m loving this! The seams really. (Mingky Tinky Tiger + the Biddle Diddle Dee)

DIY Pointed Petals Ribbon Flower | FabDIY

DIY Pointed Petals Ribbon Flower

DIY Pointed Petals Ribbon Flower DIY Pointed Petals Ribbon Flower Okay, so I cant read Russian, but this is cool. I need to figure out these dimensions so I can recreate it!

Baby Sweater KNITTING PATTERN Jumper Basic by EmeraldPhotoProps

Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern Jumper Basic Baby Cardigan Toddler Sweater months to child sizes PDF file Knit Baby suit This is the basic baby-toddler cardigan knitting pattern using the soft american wool.

just a "sideways" macrame knot! the instructions are in french but the pictures are easy to follow.

DIY Weave Bracelet 2 center strands with beads loaded on each separately. knot, slide up left bead, knot, slide up right bead.

Hope this helps

10 Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

signed by tina: Smokey Eyes Tutorial. What it's called a Smokey Eye haha Oh I love that Commercial :P & i hatee Commercials!

Crochet Edgings And Trims with Free Pattern                                                                                                                                                      More

20 + Crochet Free Edging Patterns You Should Know

Learn how to crochet four different edgings and trims: Small scallops, Open scallops, Blocks and Arches. If you find these difficult, to make, watch the video tutorial below to learn how to crochet a pretty stitch.

Crochet Poncho Pattern - Gorgeous Square Motif

Crochet Poncho Pattern - Gorgeous Square Motif (Crochet Shawls)