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So want them!!!!

These headphones scan your brain and play music to match your mood. mico - brainwave controlled headphones by neurowear.(kinda creepy to me)

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You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

iBangle -iPod running bracelet with wireless headphones. This would be cool if it existed

forme rettangolari per costruire oggetti tridimensionali per bambini - Cerca con Google

This is the only pen that creates three-dimensional plastic drawings. Instead of releasing ink, this pen extrudes warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing you to create three-dimensional freehand drawings.

A digital lens that adjusts your monitor screen to your eyewear prescription, so you don't have to wear your glasses. #lens #eyewear #YankoDesign

Eyesight-Adjusting Screens: This prototype concept is hi-tech; rather than having to wear glasses to see better, it lets the object adjust to your eyesight. This idea by Ryan Jongwoo Choi is called the iFree.

Under Armour key bracelet for running...the boyfriend is definitely getting this for his birthday!

Under Armour key bracelet for running.want this for my locker key at work.kids need this to keep their house key

circular shower

A circular shower that rinses you off from every angle. 26 Products You Can't Believe Don't Exist Yet

Composing made easy. Just write your music then the board will play it back for you!!!  so legit.

The pen acts as a mic you sing into. When docked into the digital paper tablet, your vocal harmonies are automatically transcribed into a score. For the old schooler, you can write directly on the display. Great concept, wish it were in production.

Cabin of the Future: Airbus 2050

Cabin of the Future: Airbus 2050

Possible new technology for airlines? Luxurious Air Travel + New conceptual art for the Airbus envisions a future where the planes are equipped with holograms, a sunroof and see through-walls, touch-screen TVs and self-cleaning cabins.

Read the music translates sheet music into sound for visually impaired *repinned by WonderBaby.org

High AT - Read the Music translates sheet music into sound for visually impaired students.

Cool Microsoft project: Make Every Surface a Touch Screen

Two Extremes of Touch Interaction

Make Every Surface a Touch Screen : Wearable Multitouch Interaction gives users the ability to make an entire wall a touch surface, while PocketTouch enables users to interact with smartphones inside a pocket or purse, a small surface area for touch.

HiFi headphones | imonsterbeatsone.blog.fc2blog.us http://imonsterbeatsone.blog.fc2blog.us/blog-entry-44.html

New: Beats Studio Real Wood Luxury Skin for Your Beats – Beats Studio Walnut – For Girls & Guys – Latest Stylish Design – Protect Your Investment – Made in America – Quality Guaranteed – (Headphones Not Included)

Color Rings Wireless Cellphone concept #tech

Color Rings Wireless Cellphone

The Color Rings are Wireless Cellphone Communication. The color rings are intended to be worn in the thumb and little finger that works as a microphone and headset, while connecting wirelessly to your mobile phone. By BCK design team

Whether you need a range extender, repeater, booster or just a better router location, these tips will help you optimize your Wi-Fi performance.

How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal