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NEW OFFICIAL PORTRAIT OF THE QUEEN Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (born 1926) wears the Vladimir Tiara with the Cambridge emerald drops. The portrait, which is featured in a new edition of Keepers of the Kingdom, depicts the monarch wearing the robes of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, the most senior order of Scottish chivalry.

The Cullinan VI and VIII brooch - the marquise pendant of 11.5 carats, Cullinan VI, purchased by King Edward VII from Asshcers, was set by Queen Alexandra on her regal circlet - it is now suspended from Cullinan VIII, an emerald-cut stone of 6.8 carats given to Queen Mary in 1910 by the South African Government - like the Cullinan V brooch, Cullinan VIII was also designed to be used in the Delhi Durbar stomacher - the brooch was inherited by The Queen in 1953.

The Kunigunde Crown: One of the earliest known royal symbols is the Kunigunde crown. The crown belonged to the wife of the Emperor Henry II of Bavaria, the Empress Kunigunde. This crown was made around the early 10th century before Bavaria became a kingdom.

Queen Victoria's Diamond Crown. This very light but ornate crown was used by Queen Victoria for special occasions. She found the other royal crowns too heavy. She found that she could easily wear this crown even over her widow's veil, which she wore after Albert's death for the rest of her life. She first wore the crown in 1871 and on all state occasions thereafter. It sat on her coffin before her burial and she left it to the British Crown after her death.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing The Order of Canada insignia. This photo is often seen in Canada as official memento gifts from the Royal Visit.

Queen Elizabeth II wears The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara as she attends the 2014 Service of the Order of Bath at Westminster Abbey in London, England

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