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Rufus Labradoodle | Pawshake

Meet Labradoodle Rufus, Dog of Steve:

Rosie Labradoodle | Pawshake

Meet Labradoodle Rosie, Dog of Charlie: Less than a year old, Rosie is the daughter of Jess.

Duncan Mini Labradoodle | Pawshake

Meet Mini Labradoodle Duncan, Dog of Alex:

Epic Labradoodle | Pawshake

Meet Labradoodle Epic, Dog of Isabelle:

Lia Labradoodle | Pawshake

Meet Labradoodle Lia, Dog of Sam:

Mia Labradoodle | Pawshake Hayes

Meet Labradoodle Mia, Dog of Danni: Mia is a labradoodle she is super friendly and loves to play ball and be fussed just like her sister Jojo they are from the same litter.

Skamp Border Terrier | Pawshake

Meet Border Terrier Skamp, Dog of Rosa: Skamp is a rescue border terrier. He is deaf so cannot be walked off lead.

Billy Wheaten Terrier | Pawshake

Billy Wheaten Terrier | Pawshake

Freddie | Pawshake

Meet Freddie , Dog of Willem A:

Tony Terrier cross | Pawshake

Meet Terrier cross Tony, Dog of Shalini: An elder gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life - a good long walk, maybe a wrestle with his gentleman friend Alan, a snooze on anything that resembles a sofa, and as many cuddles as he can fit into a day.

Shelley Labrador cross | Pawshake

Meet Labrador cross Shelley, Dog of Rosa: I have been boarding dogs since Shelley was 1 year old so she used to sharing the house with other dogs.

Rufus Labradoodle | Pawshake

Meet Labradoodle Rufus, Dog of Steve:

Poppy  Westie | Pawshake Crawley

Meet Westie Poppy , Dog of Marcus:

Bibsy Cairn Terrier | Pawshake

Meet Cairn Terrier Bibsy, Dog of Kirsty:

Barney Labradoodle | Pawshake

Barney Labradoodle | Pawshake