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Tie yarn to one layer of hair at the root. We teased the roots a little bit to help the yarn stay. Braid the pieces in with the same technique as seen above. Be sure to vary the colors of yarn. Trim pieces of yarn and tie off with yarn. Fun for summer!

DIY Hairstyle

Knot braid,take the two pieces behind the larger section of hair and criss-cross them. Add a small section to each piece so they remain long and wrap a.

Braided faux hawk

9 Pinterest – Inspired Braid Hairstyles

So helpful!!

How to: Sailor's Sweetheart Braid. This is a tough cookie, I shall conquer the sailor braid!

Just dont JUMP... Feathers do not make humans fly; no matter how many you add! LOL.

I like the feather extension thing, but I've heard the process of getting the feathers is kinda cruel.

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Not Your Momma’s Rollers, perfect curl tutorial * Curling hair with rollers * easy curls *

Use your bobby pins as graphic hair accessories

29 Hairstyling tricks Every Girl Should Know - Use your bobby pins as graphic hair accessories. geometry, geometric look, long hair, hipster

2016 is the year for new, fun, fresh and trendy hairstyles! We have 10 faux hawk hairstyles for women that are a big must see.

10 Faux Hawk Hairstyles for 2016