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Got CLARITY of vision? Get away from your business & busyness to THINK & PLAN! KNOW where you want to GO! Retreats fuel business transformation. Why? Facilitator keeps you focused, few interruptions, good peer pressure, & accountability. It's great having business owners in a group coaching retreat, b/c I KNOW their businesses will transform

How I Made $979,321 Blogging In 2016 - My Annual Review

Here's how Michelle made $979,321 in 2016, as well as her December blog income report. 2016 was a great year! - made a great income and learned a lot too.

11 Things to Remove to Declutter Your Blog

11 things to remove from your blog | how to clean up your blog design and instill some minimalist ideas!

Learn How To Write A Killer Business Plan That Will Make Your Business Stand Out + 5 reasons why you need a business plan | Click through to get advice on how to start your own business and create a rock-solid business plan. Use my free business plan template to get started.

From my first book to be published soon. A simple book on insights on a variety of life subjects to inspire inquiry, trust in your journey and epiphanies to becoming a light unto yourself. Email me at to be notified when the first book is published. Cheers everyone ^_^. #inspirational #inspiration #words #brandontrean #captions #book #wisdom #ignorance #insights #author #inquiry #writing #writer #publish #quotes #busyness #life #success #successful #failure #business

TAKE TIME TO PLAN! Busyness is one of the greatest enemies of business, because it keeps leaders away from leading, and nothing great happens without a plan. Someone has to know where the business is going, why it’s going there, and what has to happen in order to get there. That takes time, and if you aren’t doing it…who is? Isn’t it the CEO’s job?

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