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Monika & Chandler

Monica and Chandler, the early years ~ Friends: Season Episode 23 ~ The One With The Chicken Pox

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Matthew Perry Jennifer Aniston Matt LeBlanc Courteney Cox David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow => FRIENDS yearbook pics.

Monica  Chandler's Wedding; the day after.      |     I just watched this episode !

"I'll never be a bride again. Now I'm just someone's wife." - Monica Chandler is the cutest

One of the funniest moments in TV history  seriously have laughed over this for years and years


"No you didn't get me! It's an electric drill, you get me you kill me!" Do you hear it in Chandlers voice? One of my favorite scenes!

10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines… | B for Bel

Because life is always better with a sarcastic comment And this is why he is my favorite character on Friends! 10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines

This show is frickin' hilarious! I love Joey's face in the last pic! Rachel is like "Really?" and he's like "Well, that makes sense." Such typical female and male reactions to something like this. The male is more non-chalant. Hee hee!

Pretty sound logic.

The more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink! Love Joey's face in the last still. Phoebe is awesome!

Funniest Friends moment, ever!

Funniest Friends moment, ever!

Friends: "Ross is doing his 'watching tv' bit." (LoL I always thought this was creepy!