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Clever uses for silica gel packets / Eric Schlehlein.  silica_packet_0410-md

8 Clever Uses for Silica Gel - When most people get a packet of silica gel in a shoe box or beef jerky packet, their instinct is to toss it. - I put it in my camera bag!

17 ingenious Ways To Use Silica Gel That You Never Knew

17 ingenious Ways To Use Silica Gel That You Never Knew, Often found in the bottom of shoe boxes and in dry food packets, Find 17 alternative uses HERE

Sooo, you know those packets of silica?  Every wonder what their purpose is?  Well the secret is out.  They accelerate the drying process much like baking soda but are more room efficient.  There are many uses for silica so save the packets and reuse them when the tough get going.  Another good thing about silica is that they are reuseable.

17 Clever Ways To Use Silica Gel That You Never Knew

17 Clever Ways To Use Those Silica Gel Packs That Comes in You New Things! So Clever & Helpful!

How To Reuse Silica Gel Packets...http://homestead-and-survival.com/how-to-reuse-silica-gel-packets/

Silica Gel packets: You find them in lots of places . don't toss them! Reuse those silica gel packets . we generally drop ours in tool boxes to keep the tools from rusting but there are lots of uses! Pin now read later.

6 Uses for Silica Gel Packets- Don't Throw Them Away! from Make Life Lovely (ww: I put them in my paper craft ephemera storage containers and in the kitchen drawers close to the dishwasher where it gets a little humid)

6 Uses for Silica Gel Packets- Don't Throw Them Away

silica gel packet uses next time when you drop your cell phone in the toilet.

Don't throw the packets out! Here are 13 useful reuses for silica gel....i use them to help store seed.

Trash Hacker: Thirteen Important Reuses for Silica Gel

by Liesl Clark If you’re hesitant to handle silica gel because the packets say “Do Not Eat,” don’t be deterred. Silica gel is perceived by many to be a poison, yet it’…

I wouldn’t go as far as to say the guys over at ‘Practical Primitive’ invented the uber match (although I could be wrong!), but their version is excellent.  It is very cheap to make, all you need is some strike anywhere matches, cotton balls and some candle wax. Put it all together and you get …

How To Make The Uber Match

Great for a Car Safety & Survival Kit!The Uber Match is simple to make, highly water and wind resistant. Uses 4 matches, cotton, and wax. Starts camp fires easier with larger flame that lasts a few minutes! good idea for camping

"Silica" #do not eat pack uses

Though silica gel packets clearly instruct you to throw them away (and not eat…