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This will help with the craft for Bible Road Trip Year One Week Eight. Ever wondered how the Jewish months line up with the calendar we follow today? This diagram from the NIV Quickview Bible shows shows the names and times in which the Jewish months take place.

What are the Jewish months and how do they line up with the calendar we use today? This infographic from the NIV Quickview Bible displays the answer i

The Ancient Hebrew Letters, called the Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet, found at Tel Gezer and other sites

Did you know God's name is used 7038 times in the Old Testament spelled Yod Hey Vav Hey and means in ancient Palio Hebrew "Behold the hand, Behold the nail?

The truth

The truth. Ex the Catholics cut this commandment off while posting it in their churches. The Sabbath commandment is not one verse long Catholics.

black squad goals tumblr - Google Search

Squad goals when i go bak to college n meet friends lol

Phonetic Alphabet/ Morris Code...I have always wanted to learn this. haha! #nerd

Phonetic/Morse Alphabet -- two things I have been wanting to learn for a long time.