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"Yeah, this isn't creepy at all," Lexi said drily. As if on cue, one of the overhead lights flickered. Lexi shot a glare at Sarah. "If I die down here, I'm haunting you." "If you die down here," Sarah said, straining her eyes into the darkness at the end of the tunnel, "my body will probably be right next to yours." "Was that supposed to be comforting?" Lexi asked incredulously. Sarah just shrugged. ~Ash Brownd

Starry Night Stained Glass Panel

Starry Night Stained Glass Panel by StainedGlassYourWay on Etsy, $285.00 by a fellow stained glass artist. It is one of my favorites!

Relieve Computer Eye-Strain With This Acupressure Sequence: Saying "ahh" is an easy way to allow unnecessary tension in your face, neck, jaw to melt away ...