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Doormat, Welcome Mat

Sometimes or they act like they don't understand and you're the bad guy when you treat them like they treated you all along. It was no big deal while they were doing it (because "that's just how they are" or "they were just trying to make so and so happy"), but you're just mean when give them they same treatment that they have given you the entire time you've known them!

Wish my fam would take me GRADUATING from a UNIVERSITY at TWENTY-TWO years old seriously, the FIRST one in the family. Butttttttttttt they have other shit to be worried about. So.... It's all good, can't live with them and can't live without them.

If any of these ten signs are familiar,  chances are you're a doormat.  But take heart, you are capable of recovering from this matty lifestyle and moving out of doormat status. It is possible to o...

'Don't Come In If You Didn't Bring Gin' Doormat

Are you interested in our gin door mat coir housewarming? With our personalised home decor idea you need look no further.

Been their!!!!! Done that!!!!! No longer a Doormat! !!!! KNOWING MY WORTH IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! LESSON LEARNED! !!!!!