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Tourgoer Susan Saint had to go back and purchase a few to take home after trying some of the salts and seasonings at The Salt Table.

from Foursquare


The Wieliczka Salt Mine, just outside of Krakow, Poland. It continuously produced table salt from the 13th century until 2007. More

from Nordic House

Stylish Glass Hurricane

Introducing our very own hand-blown glass hurricane lamps, which have been cleverly designed by the style aficionados here at Nordic House.

A photo of one of the chambers inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine. The mine is often referred to as "the Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland", and continuously produced table salt from the 13th century until 2007 .

Melting Elsa's Frozen Hands - A "Frozen" science activity with coloured salt and ice. - Happy Hooligans

Like the one the chefs made me at work - it had sweet potato olives red onion chorizo salt&pepper cheese

Mark making in the salt. We have been practising our letter formation using our paintbrushes to make letters in the magic dust. Engaging writing in EYFS

Table Salt vs Himalayan Pink Salt I have used Himalayan Salt for over a year now. So much better for you! Follow me on or

These adorable vegetarian filo pastry starters are sure to be crowdpleasers at the Christmas dinner table.

Homemade salted caramel sauce is so easy to make that you won't need to buy it from the store! Make a bunch to store in the fridge for future dessert use.