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Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces, from "Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?" and also our nightmares.

G.I. Joe, part of 1975's "Adventure Team" relaunch, from "Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?"

Vintage Panasonic Panapet Radio R-70 Holiday Red

Vintage Panasonic Panapet Radio R-70: Cute '70's plastic radio with a chain to hang from your belt. 3" in diameter, $50. #Radio #Vintage #Panasonic

Vintage Mr. Potato Head Jumping Toy Hasbro 1960s Christmas

Vintage Mr. Potato Head from the 1960s. - I had the 80's version but I loved my Mr. Potato Head! In my opinion much cooler than the current one.

62 vintage MINI PLASTIC ANIMALS Elephant, steer, cow, monkey, mermaid, giraffe, camel

Fisher price garage toy vintage 1970 toy

When I was two this was my favorite toy. I had an older brother and though I loved dolls I also liked everything he had. He was my hero and he collected cars, so I had my own little people and my own cars. Fisher price garage toy vintage