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Fitness and weightloss are similar to mountain climbing - It’s hard to get started, bumpy and tiring all along the way but once you reach the top. You’ll never regret the journey!

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Interview with Glute Expert Bret Contreras - My top 10 favorite glute exercises include: hip thrust glute bridge hip thrust deadlift squat reverse lunge back extension hip rotation seated abduction plank

Sweat it out #CrossFit

Anaerobic exercise is exercise intense enough to trigger lactic acid formation. It is used by athletes in non-endurance sports to promote strength, speed and power and by body builders to build muscle mass.

SUCCESS is the only OPTION...

All the water could never sink a ship unless it gets inside. Likewise, all the pressures of life can never hurt you unless you let it in.

I always say this! It's not the size and shape of your body that counts, it's living a healthy lifestyle!

Diet pills do NOT work. HCG whatever does NOT work. HGH spray does NOT work. THIS does work! Simply the best weight loss program there is.

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Marathon Fuel

SERIOUSLY Her body is AMAZING! you can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face. sports, fitness, workout, motivation, don't give up.