****Conquering Your Next Virtual Interview****Mastering a virtual interview doesn’t require a lot of special preparation, but there are a few things to consider. The sooner you prepare, the sooner you’ll be ready to rock your next interview.

One question that nearly every hiring manager will want answered is "Why do you want to work from home?" Your reply could mean the difference between landing your first work-at-home job or heading back to that trusted job search website to look for another #telecommute #job. Click to read more about how to answer this tricky interview question!

Whether you are a virtual veteran or a #telecommute tenderfoot, when applying to a #workathome job you need to quickly demonstrate you have the ability to support an alternative employment arrangement.

how to make money blogging: I was thinking of what type of advice I could give to Hire My Mum readers and being a blogger myself I would like to “reveal” blogging as a way to earn money. But you can’t earn money unless you blog on good websites. You need them for two reasons: They give you credibility as an author SOME of them pay. They look great on your blogging portfolio. If you have a blog they could send some traffic your way. So how do you approach them?

If you find yourself fortunate enough to be presented with multiple job offers, follow our advice on how to politely reject a job offer.

One of the more challenging questions for many #online job-seekers is "What appeals to you about working from home?" Ace your #jobinterview with Sarah's #tips for how and how not to answer this question.

Preparing your responses in advance for this tough #jobinterview question is the best way to ace it!

Although there are dozens of cautionary tales about lying during your #jobsearch, we couldn't help but wonder if there is ever a time when stretching the truth could help? #telecommutejob

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