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2) Based on the feedback I collected from customers and employees of Fry’s, I have broken the journey into two main parts: 1 – “HOW DID WE END UP HERE” - In this section I am documenting the issues/needs/wants of customers that leads them to Fry’s (retail or online store). 2 – “EXPERIENCING FRYs” – Unlike any other electronics store, shopping inside of the heavily themed store is an experience upon itself.

10) I was surprised to learn how extensive Fry’s cell phone offering is. They carry monthly plans from all of the majors carriers (e.g., AT&T, Verizon and Sprint), but also have an extensive line of pre-paid phone carriers. In addition, they even carry TelCel America service – a company based around international calls. Because Fry’s is not known for their phones, I learned from one of their representatives that demand for their iPhones hasn’t been as strong as other retail outlets.

In the 70's it was Toys R us In the 80's it was Tower of Posters (headshop) and Skips Music Now my favorite Toy Store is Fry's!

17) A Fry’s retail store is like nothing you have seen before (unless you are driving by Disneyland). All Fry’s locations are decorated in elaborate themes. For some people, exploring how the theme of the store is carried out, is an adventure in itself. The store I visited in Burbank is themed around science fiction movies from the 1950s and 1970s. From any corner of the store you can experience and live the theme.

3) History: In the 70’s Charles Fry sold his supermarket chain for $14+ million. He gave each of his sons, Dave, John and Randy, approx $1 million dollars. The sons, along with another investor, opened their first Fry’s Electronics in Sunnyvale in 1985. This first store was only 20,000 square feet – today’s stores range in size from 50,000 to over 180,000 square feet. One of Fry’s claims to fame is that they were the first retail outlet in the country to sell off-the-shelf microprocessors.

11) The name “Fry’s Electronics” may not immediately signify appliances to most people, but Fry’s has a fairly extensive selection of small, medium and large appliances. I think this is an area that Fry’s needs to more aggressively advertise. From what I understand, their appliances are reasonably priced, but not many people know they sell them. In case you are wondering, the owners of Fry’s Electronics named their store after their fathers supermarket chain - Fry's Supermarkets.

4) Many customers first learned about Fry's when they needed a place to research and buy the newest and best hardware for their computer. This was during a period when the internet was not as mature as it is today and online shopping and research was not as common a practice. The result was an increased level of traffic at stores that offered expertise and available merchandise (e.g., BestBuy, Circut City, CompUSA and Fry's).

13) Outside of the tech-retail world, Fry’s is: - The Presenting sponsor of the Fyr’s Open. The Fry’s Open was the season opener for the new PGA Tour schedule. -A major sponsor of the Northern California PGA Section’s fundraising event, The Langley. This premier fundraising event is designed to honor golf’s legends, and proceeds are donated to community programs. -The sponsor of the Guinness Book of World Record Paper Airplane Flight (2012) contest. This helps Fry's in their philanthropic…

5) When asking women about Fry’s most of them had one of two answers: 1 - “I have never heard of Fry’s or what I can buy there” - most were disappointed to hear it was an electronics store. 2 -“Yes, I have been there, my boyfriend/husband used to drag me there." I find it very interesting that I could find only a handful of women (less than 5%) who had discovered Fry’s on their own. Based on the shoppers wondering the store, it appears most of them are males in their 20-40s. An area to look…

23) You have finished your perusing of the aisles, and a quick checkout is now key. Fry’s Burbank offers 67 registers to help you pay quickly. As you can imagine, this is appreciated by any customer during peak times. Also, true to their roots, the checkout line goes through the snack/drink aisle (half of the first Fry's was originally a market). In addition, in the event a customer buys something he or she decides is not that “perfect” item, Fry’s offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.