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I would honestly like to thank Donald Trump. He has done a great job of exposing the racism that we're constantly told, doesn't exist.

It isn't the Donald I fear as much as his acolytes. Trump didn't make Americans racist. Many were already inclined that way.<< That's basically what I alwaus at when it comes to trump

Sexual assault destroys service members' lives and degrades mission readiness, but let's beat the Benghazi dead horse yet again...the situation that YOUR PARTY created by cutting funding for embassy security!

Fox host Andrea Tantaros admits that military sexual assaults "are a real issue," then asks why MSNBC is covering that issue. Makes plenty of sense.Is she missing a brain or a heart?

A true professional!  I feel sorry for his wife. I am sure she's been treated like a 2nd class citizen and has obviously been subjected to a lot of abuse.

The ugly voting record of Mitch McConnell.rights are for rich, straight, Republican men.' Enough "silly women" exist in the US to vote these twerps into power!

Understand the ideas behind the "social contract"  -- corporations have broken it, with no intention of mending it without a fight.

No Truer Words Have Been Said Before

The battles of my '60s novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...

Even if he loses the election, he& make some money and save a lot on taxes for his effort. A real patriot.

TrumPutin in the Whitehouse First Anniversary: November 2017

TrumPutin in the Whitehouse First Anniversary: November 2017