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When the person you hate falls

When the person you hate falls. Rep inning because big time rush

I usually hate fart jokes but this one gets me every time :) ... I'm a horrible, stupid person...

Haha James Diamond is so funny! But I'm also glad he's not like that in real life. Just so your not confused his name is James Diamond on the show Big time rush and his real name is James Maslow

You are never too old for dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets! Lol BTR- great show

I would like to point out the JA+ME=Z XD I don't know if there's anything that will make me stop loving James

Big Time Audition :) hahaha you gotta protect J's pretty face, duh!

Evolution of Big Time Rush through the seasons!


The funniest relatable gif's.

All the time my friends are so crazy just like Carlos (you would only understand if u watch big time ruch)