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The Symbol - Prince - Gold - This is in my top 3 of Prince songs. And he was pure gold. Please listen to it, then listen to it again! (Via YouTube)

Theory comment from Unknown123 "Now that I think about it I do think her song has a lot to do with the recent shootings that been happening this year. the mall, the theatre, sandy hook these elitists are aware of everything going on and Die Young was just probably a foreshadowing of it... :" Young hearts, out our minds Running 'til we outta time Wild child's lookin' good Living hard just like we should Don't care who's watching when we tearing it up (You Know) That magic that we

HIStory Past Present and Future-Book-I. double disc album HISTORY: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE BOOK I Album The HIStory album was released on June 20, 1995, and was Michael' a two disc album with a total of 30 songs. The first disc "HIStory Begins" was a collection of 15 of Michael's greatest hits as an adult solo artist. The second disc "HIStory Continues" of this album contained 15 brand new songs,12 of which were composed of which were composed and written by Michael himself.