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I wouldn't want to Skype with anyone else

One Direction Imagines. Me=dead. niall girls will be dead too Check out the website to see

Oh, Harry(:

An Irish boy, singing a British song, in Spanish, who also won a Brit with out being british. Like a boss

I Want to Write You a Song - One Direction

I Want to Write You a Song - One Direction (Niall's solo) ((I just realized that this is kind of pointed out to the fans for while they are on break!

Please tell me whatever this picture is trying to say isn't true...SOMEBODY!!!!!PLEASE!!!

History // One Direction Lyrics Zayn cough cough

I was one of the first! I loved him first!

I have been a Niall girl since the first time I heard of and that was from WMYB. I don't want to send hate to the New Niall girls.but to any of you original Niall girls cheers

History music video 1.26.16 ONE DIRECTION

History music video ONE DIRECTION This is the not end eveerrrrrr! they will back they promised

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