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Stars With Children: Celebrities young and old gathered at a birthday party for Mickey Mouse at the Disney Studio. Left to right - Edgar Bergen, Candice Bergen, Walt Disney, Stephanie Wagner, Joan Bennett Wagner and Cheryl Crane. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Edgar Bergen with his daughter Candice with Walt Disney, Stephanie Wagner and her mom actress Joan Bennett and Lana Turner's daughter Cheryl Crane at a party given by Disney to celebrate Mickey Mouse's birthday in 1947

1934 - Dr. Marcondes Alves de Souza Jr. delivering to Walt an homage to Mickey sculpted by Alfredo Herculano.

delivering to Walt an homage to Mickey sculpted by Alfredo Herculano.

Walt Disney received the Legion of Honor in January 1936 Walt Disney receiving legion of honor january 1936

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An early shot of Walt and Lillian Bounds Disney

Walt Disney and his wife Lillian with their first family dog, a chow chow. Walt placed the puppy in a hat box as a gift for his wife which inspired the scene in Lady and the Tramp where Lady is taken out of a hat box as a present.

Winner of the most Oscars in history (62 I think it is), yet he only attended the Oscars this one time. Disney fact I heard the other day!

Movie producer Walt Disney holding four Oscar awards he won for best feature-length documentary, short documentary, cartoon & two-reeler at Academy Awards ceremony .

Through the years of Walt Disney

Walt Disney Though it was all started by a mouse, it was the man behind it all that kept it going.

American animator and producer Walt Disney - is surrounded by a group of executives while seated at his desk in his office. Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse figures stand on the desk.