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I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO DID THIS!! Or sometimes I also look for cool first or sir names to use for characters in my stories :)

Every time. Every movie, too, not just Marvel. Good for finding character names.

Iron Man 3

Captain America's a little worried about this Mandarin business, but the rest of the Avengers seem pretty chill. (Check out the gif on clickthrough where Cap asks why Thor's a cardboard cutout.) "Terrorists are bad for my blood pressure.

Avengers 'I have a dream'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete epicness:D

The Tangled Avengers.this is pure brilliance wrapped in awesome. If you didn't sing it you're lying<<<I totally imagined Loki clinking two tiny unicorns together and Steve singing his part more than every other character

Science Bros Ask 38 by ecokitty.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Science Bros Ask 38 by ecokitty on deviantART - Tony and Bruce take the ice bucket challenge lolol

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Because I don't think Cap would actually aim a gun at anyone in public so they'll settle on laser pointer, cause Steve thought "who can tell the difference right?" Plus they won't have the cash to buy that kind of gun anyways so, Hello laser pointer!


13 Perfect Marvel Headcanons That Will Give You All The Feels- this is the best head canon I've ever seen

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Reasons Hawkeye wasn't in Captain America the Winter Soldier. If you didn't watch Captain America The Winter Soilder then you wont get this.

And Loki is trying to figure out if he can use magic to make Tony's experiments explode...

Count me in

My friend and I talk about Budapest all the time--as in, like, what might have happened between Clint and Tasha. And the Science Bros movie just sounds plain awesome, yes please.

cas-is-deans-huggy-bear:  I HAVE FOUND WHAT I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR

Marvel Cinematic Universe in Chronological Order - Note: Much of The Incredible Hulk occurs before Iron Man while later scenes occur during. It's up to you which movie you want to watch first

This totally was a thing in the comics. Not the vine, but that Captain America is worthy of mjolnir

Cap is worthy to wield Mjolnir Thor's Vines head canon accepted (Once Thor figured out how to use a smartphone of course) Tony would totally teach him Or Bruce Or Helen Cho Helen Cho teaching Thor how to use technology head canon accepted

If you get this movie reference you are awesome... (Meet the Robinson's meet the Avengers!)

Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers…

Funny pictures about Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers. Oh, and cool pics about Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers. Also, Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers.

NOW I NEED A MUSICAL OF THE AVENGERS!!!! Like  Cap: *singing a duet with iron man* *pauses momentarily to bash someone's skull in with shield* *starts singing again*

The Avengers Musical: Put that shwarma back where it came from, or so help me!