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"So true! hahaha" Oh, and what about Canada?.... 'Canada as seen by the whole word: Toronto/Montreal'

((Petition to make this the official map of Europe, please.))<<< YES PLEASE <<<< THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN

from The Telegraph


Female Amur tiger Iris licks its seven-week-old cub at the Royev Ruchey zoo in Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk

I'm all of these at times, but mostly it's True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Good, and Neutral Evil.

Naww! Unfortunately I do none of that, except that I'm like prussia in that I hug my pillow. I expand.

PARTY IN EUROPE!!!! Russia: "...Go the fuck to sleep..." *barely audible groan*<<<Hetalia fans giggle wildly


Stop. Repin this picture of Russia holding Latvia on his shoulders. Continue. <<< Will do. Done. ^.^ Will continue after I get over the insane level of cuteness this picture contains.