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This is Finlay, he is 9. He likes to draw. Finlay is curious, brave and energetic. Finlay's parents went missing after going on holiday in Germany. Fin really wants a new family with supportive parents and siblings, this is hi dream, will you help him achieve it? Please adopt him

What did I just look at. Russia. Just. I can't even<--- Cus you can't even... I can't even either... <<< THIS IS JUST TO GOD DAMN ADORABLE!!!

The person who pinned this before me said, "China grab my scarf! Russia is ackin cray Hetalia." And I think that they need to go and check their spelling of acting and crazy.

hav i always been attracted to russia? 1) I have some nesting dolls given to me from my grandma (theyr from china but theyr right next to each other0 2) A couple years ago i really wanted a borzoi and still do 3) Watched hetalia for the first time last year and really liked RUSSIA... well i liked other countries to...

Hetalia Sleepover? haha Before and After XD look at Germany and Italy!!! omg it's so cute :3 and the others are hilarious XD