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Not going to lie. This could be my Mona Lisa. Holla if ya hear me. I can't stop laughing at this guy trying to climb some water: You know she's checkin' the Dopeness:   Previously // Hump Day - Part I...

I can feel air. Like, as in, when there is tension among the people in the room, I can physically feel the tension in the air. Sometimes it almost feels like I can't breathe it. I can only be truly happy on days where everyone else is, too.

It will never matter how fast or slow you are going through life and all it has to offer, just as long as you never stop. All pictures and posts belong to their rightful owners, if you would like me to take them down please message me!

"I miss her so much and I just want a chance to say goodbye.....that's all I'm asking.....she was my best friend and I loved her very much.....and even though you can't forgive me, she could and she did...." idk the context, but this love made me curious