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Watermelon wall! Photo by @bigntoasty #ABMlovesmurals

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Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess on Instagram: “Words of wisdom! Photo by @swedenmay #ABMlifeiscolorful”

Seagram Building, Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson, architects; 375 Park Avenue, New York, 1954–58.

from Lauren Conrad

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i go back to this photo constantly. today, especially, it means a lot. sometimes i wish i had the nerve to grab a can of spray paint and let everyone know how i felt. pretty gutsy. poignant. i know who i miss when i see this. i wonder who they miss.

Hamlet's over thinking causes him not to act rather than acting and not caring about the consequences, like Laertes who is a character foil to Hamlet. In result of his over thinking, he does not kill Claudius because he is "praying." Ironically, Claudius states that "his words fly up, my thoughts remain below," meaning he tried to pray however he couldn't. Furthermore, Hamlet lost his chance to get rid of Claudius for good.

I think it's very important for young girls to know that it's okay to become any type of woman. They get to choose who they want to become & it doesn't matter. If you want to be sporty, be sporty, if you want to be a artist, be an artist, if you want to be a girly girl, be a girly girl, if you want to be a punk, be a punk, who cares? All women are beautiful!