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We show you the memes and posts for the obnoxiously over dramatic in this funny Smosh gallery!

I can actually imagine Olivia saying this to Kade and he's like "Liv you're literally Greek and you're from England what are you doing"

rot-and-roll:   Don Juan, 1926.

"Look-his hands drip w/blood!" "Yes, but is he smiling or crying? The prophecy clearly states that the boy w/bloodied hands has to be grinning wider than a clever fox that has just caught a rabbit.

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Art Therapy: Fictional Self-Help Book Titles Painted by Johan Deckmann

Thad (sostituire dogs con Jericho*, tanto a bestia siamo lì)

This is literally my best friend omfg (which is funny because I'm the definition of a "soft gay uwu" if you add in several "fight me" lmao)