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Funny Billboards Road signs

"OH-NO" curve, - happens when you go in too fast, especially on blind corners or a tightening radius curve. Safe technique is to go a bit slow going in and accelerate so you are fast coming out.

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So, You Just Took That Literally Then

Someone took this way too literal and drew a bridge on the bottom of the sign.

I want to live where penguins help kids cross the street!

I guess the Emperor penguins walk the kids to school there.

Funny sign at the zoo if seen out of 'context'! There is a large life size metal statue of a Galapogus (?sp) Tortoise on the ground near the sign that children sit on and pose for photos!

Some of these signs are inherently funny, others are improved by funny animals. Either way, how can you go wrong? (Pro-tip: you.

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Collection of funny signs and street signs on MamaNYC! These humorous street signs & store signs are unbelievable! Wrong way signs, caution!

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Driving on Indian roads is a hilarious experience when you notice these funny road signs. Meant to alert drivers, these humorous road signs guarantees to tickle

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