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the boys will be these two doctors for Halloween next year- Micah even says he doesn't want a haircut :-)

A Spacey-wacey, timey-wimey, visual menagerie for any a Whovian to enjoy.

DOCTOR 11 MATT SMITH - http://www.femalejokercostume.com

For all things Doctor Who, Torchwood and related wibbly wobbly timey-wimey .

Best episode of the season.

Did you know that this is real actual laughter? They are laughing because during the filming of the scene David scribbled on his face.


Outrageously awesome poster celebrate 50 years of time traveling greatness!

*when your bff is sick so you watch Who during lunch and people stare at your low budget aliens*

Just a quick question: am I the only one who thought last nights episode made like NO sense at all? It was just really confusing.

British at heart. (doctor who,bbc,christopher eccleston,david tennant,matt smith,companions,hardship,kindness,inspiration)

"I loved Amy's speech about being old and kind :) so sweet! this pin:)

already loving clara coz she says everything i would, when we both said it was smaller on he outside at the same tine in Snowmen, I knew she'd be great.

Beth on

The TARDIS, before her chameleon circuit broke.

The TARDIS, before her chameleon circuit broke looks like a toilet paper tube.