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Totem pole in Vancouver, British Columbia - Totem poles are distinctive to First Nations cultures on the Pacific coast (i.e. not all First Nations groups have them - surprise, surprise!), so they can be seen all over British Columbia as a part of provincial identity.

Salish Lodge Dining Room - The Dining Room at Salish Lodge & Spa reservations in ... - Salish lodge & spa (snoqualmie united states america The dining room - salish lodge & spa's award-winning restaurant serving pacific northwest cuisine with european-style tableside service. seasonal dinner menu with. Columbia hospitality - salish lodge & spa columbia Salish lodge & spa. consistently ranked among the best small resorts in the world the salish lodge & spa overlooks the 268-foot snoqualmie…

Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific NW Coast-- were composed of many nations & tribal affiliations, each with distinctive cultural & political identities, but they shared certain beliefs, traditions and practices, such as the centrality of salmon as a resource and spiritual symbol. The term Northwest Coast or North West Coast is used in anthropology to refer to the groups of Indigenous people residing along the coast of British Columbia, Washington State, parts of Alaska, Oregon, and | RU123d120 | Russian Blues: prized by African and the Native Americans on the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest, these cobalt-colored blue glass beads can be either smooth or faceted. These beads are prized for their color and stunning appearance, excellent examples of Bohemian faceted glass. The name Russian has nothing to due with the county the drawn 5 0r 6 sided cane is faceted on each corner to give the distinctive look, cobalt blue was the most ...

Hot-smoked salmon - fish that's been fully cooked by the heat of the smoke and infused with its haunting aroma - is a Pacific Northwest specialty. Curing the salmon in a brown sugar and salt mixture first helps create its the distinctive firm texture and sweet flavor. See How to Smoke Salmon on a Grill and How to Smoke Salmon Indoors to get started.

A stocky and well-camouflaged heron of dense reed beds, the American Bittern is difficult to see. Its far-carrying booming call is distinctive, but the bittern itself likes to keep under cover.