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A bit satanic looking though = if your looking for an intimidating guard dog - here's the best dog breed to total for fill that required criteria ( and then some ) you can often hear an audible gulp as people view these dogs unexpectedly as turn a corner too quickly ( quite a sight to be confronted by though !! )

Doberman Android App - playslack.com , Doberman - if you like canines then these live wallpapers are for you. pretty pinschers will decorate the screen of your smartphone or tablet. The app has easy settings and power saving mode.

Vitor Willemann is a graphic designer and freelance illustrator from Florianópolis, Brazil. His nature inspired illustrations are mostly monochromatic – often black and grey only – with a pop of color every now and then. The portrayal of death, darkness and the occult make these works a perfect fit for t-shirts and band merchandise. I …

A Doberman pinscher puppy named Bo nearly drowned in the family pool, then his heart stopped upon arrival at the University of Florida's pet emergency clinic in Ocala. But after CPR administered by UF veterinary medical specialists, additional treatment at the university's Small Animal Hospital in Gainesville and a dose of good luck, Bo survived to return home in early November.

I had originally gotten Buddha for myself after our Chihuahua had passed away. By now, all of you know and agree that Buddha has chosen Siena as his heart human. Sure, Buddha is a sweetheart and most well-mannered dog I've ever trained, but he was never truly mine. Then I found and adopted this new girl. She's a few years old, nippy, and extremely shy. But she's mine! She knew it and I knew it the moment we met. She is my heart dog and finally the void in my heart has been completely…

Martinsville, IN - Rottweiler. Meet King Kong, a dog for adoption. King Kong is a big boy in need of a home. He cannot go to a home with children due to arthritis he has in his hips. He will need to continue treatment for this. Unfortunately King Kong was previously adopted and then returned, but I don't know why. He loves to play which is good because he's going to need a lot of exercise!;) King Kong would love to have a home soon!

I'm counting to 100 then I will come looking for you , so find a good place to hide , as I'm very hungry and you forgot to buy my dog food at the shops again so it better be a good hiding place or I'll chew off your face !!!

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