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पता नहीं  ऐसा कौनसा #Talent_हैं मुझमे  . #जो_लोग हमें  झेल #नहीं_पाते  ...A...?!¿,,,>~>~

पता नहीं ऐसा कौनसा #Talent_हैं मुझमे . #जो_लोग हमें झेल #नहीं_पाते ...A...?!¿,,,>~>~

{Alex Mapeli} "Hey I'm Alex. I'm 18 and single. I'm a nice and funny guy. I really like to talk and just hang around. I can be a bit of a dare devil and just a goof in general" I laugh "But anyways I like to have a lot of friends, so come say hi"

{Alex Mapeli} "Hey there I'm Alex Mapeli. I'm 19 and defiantly single. I'm a model and sometimes I help out with some music. I'm a sweet guy but I can sometimes get a bit rude. But hey I'm just a nice guy I general unless you don't like me"

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Alex_Kyyy: "finally the big 21 " posted on insta/sc