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A bee flies through the air & has a sharp point on its stinger similar to an arrow.

honeybee in a yellow flower full of pollen

Over 75% of flowering plants rely on wild animal pollinators, such as bats, birds, and insects (bees, flies, beetles, butterflies and moths). These animal pollinators are needed for approximately 1/3 of our human food crops. So, if we want to continue to eat good food, then we definitely need to take some time to acknowledge these wonderful pollinators.


Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Honey (Infographic)

Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Honey (Infographic) - Karma Jello | #health #infographic

Polen fresco de castaño LAPUELA - sticks monodosis de 10g

from The Actor's Diet

Superfood Acai Bowl Recipe

How to make a delicious Acai Bowl with Superfood Granola, Cacao Nibs, Bee Pollen, and Raw Honey. The perfect quick, easy, and healthy vegetarian breakfast for a hot day!

from BBC Nature

In pictures: Your spring shots

Bee emerging from crocus (c) Christine Willis